[MEncoder-users] Mosaic or Picture in picture filter for mencoder?

Nico Sabbi nicola_sabbi at fastwebnet.it
Mon Mar 13 08:16:45 CET 2006

FF wrote:

>Hello, i've been looking thru the mencoder docs and filters and I can't find
>a way to do picture in picture.  I have two v4l2 video sources (/dev/video0
>and /dev/video1), I would like to encode /dev/video1 and /dev/video0 at the
>same time into the same file but have /dev/video1 offset and smaller then
>(/dev/video0).  Basically, like an overlay.  
picture in picture?
there is an overlay filter in mplayer (search in the man page, I don't 
remember its name)
but even so mencoder can't capture from 2 streams at the same time

>To give you a better idea there
>is a great example using ppmfilter ( http://users.pandora.be/acp/ppmfilter)
>called video stacking: which will overlays one video on top of another which
>is my goal.
>ffmpeg2ppm bottom.mpeg |
>ppmfilter --stack-video
>top.mpeg --overlay position=60,10:30x30 |

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