[MEncoder-users] a question

Kirill Radzikhovskyy kirillrdy at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 00:33:17 CET 2006

Hey, I use mencoder to convert divx movies to DVD mpg, for further DVD
dvdauthor only accepts MPEG files of certain resolution that corresponds to
PAL DVD or NTSC DVD format
Anyways, that was just introduction

to convert movies i use (copyed from manual)

mencoder -oac lavc -ovc lavc -of mpeg -mpegopts format=dvd -vf
scale=720:576,harddup -srate 48000 -af lavcresample=48000 -lavcopts
-ofps 25  -o output.mpg input.avi

That works fine with input files that have aspect ratio of 16/9.

However I got this really weird movie, which is like extra wide :P
its resolution is 640 x 272.
When I use the listed above command, it literally shrinks it to 720:576 (pal
dvd format) and all faces become like squashed.
I was wondering , is there a way, not to scale it , but to cut that extra
wideness to make it usual 16/9, for proper convertion

Thanks in advance,

Kirill R

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