[MEncoder-users] aspect and audio problems

Phil Payne phil at payneinthe.com
Fri Jan 20 12:01:40 CET 2006

Raphael wrote:

> I am trying to reencode a dvd which I ripped using mencoder. My test 
> command line is
> mencoder dvd.avi  -endpos 120 -ovc xvid -xvidencopts 
> bitrate=600:vhq=4:qpel:autoaspect  -oac mp3lame -af pan=1:0.5:0.5 
> -channels 1 -lameopts abr:br=64   -o test1.avi
> (I want to mix the stereo down to mono so that I can get half decent 
> sound quality with 64kbps.)
> However, when I play back test1.avi I get a number of problems. Here 
> are two of them.
> 1) The sound still seems to be in two channels.
> 2) The aspect ratio is wrong on play back (things are squashed 
> horizontally and stretched vertically)
> Any idea what I am doing wrong?

On the aspect... the video seems to be in the original DVD PAL format of 
720 x 576, which will look odd when played if the correct aspect isn't 

If you want the video to automatically play at the correct aspect 
(without using mencoder and setting aspect) then I would resize it to 
soemthing acceptable to you using -vf scale=xxx:yyy

Can't help you on the audio front, sorry.


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