[MEncoder-users] use of divx2pass.log

Phil Oleynik oleynik.phil at mail.ioffe.ru
Sat Jan 14 17:25:29 CET 2006

Uzu Maki wrote:

>when encoding with xvid i get a "divx2pass.log" file after 1rst pass.
>sometimes I re-encode with another video bitrate...
>my question is: can I keep this file and use it again to skip to 2nd
>pass directly?
>even though I changed the bitrate?
>or must I redo the 1rst pass and delete this file made during the 1rst
If you change only bitrate - no, this file may be kept and it will be 
But if you change something that makes video different - filters, thier 
order, etc, you may
get some strange unpredictable result.


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