[MEncoder-users] scaling

Uzu Maki tsukune at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 12:56:41 CET 2006

> Deinterlace first.
> Your final dimensions should be divisible by 16 for maximum encoding
> efficiency.

damned... I thought the 16 factor was only for cropping...

> Rather than scale I would set the aspect ratio with -aspect for
> mencoder and --aspect-ratio for mkvmerge. In this example it would be
>  -aspect 1000/432

I'll try aspect, thanx...
(as for MKV & OGM, I've stopped using them...)

> -vf crop=704:432:7:72,scale=700:302,pp=lb
> If this is interlaced, you're really going to want pp=lb at the
> beginning of the command-line.

when you guys say 'deinterlace first', you mean:
-vf pp=lb,crop=704:432:7:72,scale=700:302
instead of
-vf crop=704:432:7:72,scale=700:302,pp=lb

> Otherwise, the scale step is going to
> ruin the interlacing so that no deinterlacer can fix it.

well... It does work...
anyway, I'll use you recommandations in my encoding option from now on.


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