[MEncoder-users] non-interleaved mkv file

Phil Oleynik oleynik.phil at mail.ioffe.ru
Fri Jan 6 13:31:23 CET 2006

Phil Ehrens wrote:

>I just installed the latest mkvtoolnix, and I see that it now handles
>demuxing of files with vobsubs correctly, so I demuxed, and the resulting
>avi, mp3, idx, and sub files seem perfectly sane... so it appears that
>the mkv source file was created using some brain-damaged options.
>Again, I may be making unreasonable assumptions... I don't know anything
>at all about matroska.
>I have absolutely no idea how to do mkv muxing, so I will just use
>the demuxed component streams for my encodes.
>I would be happy to try muxing it with the mkvtools if somebody cares
>to supply the invocation. I have no particular need to learn to create
>matroska containers. It is surprising to me whenever mencoder fails
>to handle something that mplayer can play properly. Is it unreasonable
>to assume that mplayer's import engine is similar to mencoder's?
Hello Phil,

mencoder and mplayer have not the just same features, so such things as 
you found, happen.
I had the same problem once.
In early versions of mkvtoolnix there was a great bug with A/V sync. It 
was fixed
rather long time ago, however, it was used that time, and many files 
were produced.
When such problem appeared at first time, I succeeded in its resolution 
by dumping
PCM sound from matroska, oggencoding it, then making A/V-desynced AVI by
mencoder, then muxing ogg with old matroska to temp.mkv, then muxing new 
taking video from temp.mkv and audio from that ogg. All operations are 
done with
--disable-lacing option. Try to do it, or try to make something other, 
with the same
level of insanity, because it is a very strange problem.


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