[MEncoder-users] sync problem with -oac faac

Victor Condino un1tz3r0 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 22:05:10 CET 2006

Interestingly enough i've just done a few short test encodes, and from
the results i'm starting to think that it might in fact be an issue
with x264 and incomplete output files... IIRC on one test with
x264/lame i actually had the same massive sync problem as i was having
with x264/faac. on the next test encode, i tried x264/faac again
(although just single-pass) on the same 2-minute VOB segment and found
that playing the unfinished avi while the encode was running produced
massive sync errors, however once mencoder finished and wrote the
index to the avi, it seems to play back just fine... cuuuuuurious (!)

looks like i may have been chasing a red herring here... i'm going to
fire up mencoder on the full VOB source again and just see if it
dosen't work out... :)

> If your not worried about WMP playing it why not use something other
> than faac?  I've not even seen claims that faac is better than vorbis
> for a given bitrate [...]

Huh really? Interesting. You know, now that i think of it, i've never
actually checked out a head-to-head audio codec comparison... maybe
it's time i did so :) honestly i just kindof assumed that AAC was
better because it's new (and yes, i *do* know how stupid that souds

> [...] I can post the commands I used to rip encode and mux if anyone is
> interested. I would be interested in feedback on them anyway.

Yeah, i'm interested in what settings you use for the vorbis audio...
also, i assume you do two-pass for x264, yes?

> [...] Matroska has also
> been much nicer to work with than for example MP4box.  There is a
> graphical interface you can use to do the muxing that also shows the
> exact command line you would use so you can set all your options in the
> gui and get everything how you like it and the copy the command line
> into a script.

Not so into GUIs in general, i like to run all my encodes on the
server to free up my workstations (a pair of laptops anyway -> not
much horsepower.) I am interested in checking out matroska tho... i'll
give that a look.

> [snip]
> > but as far as watching media goes i generally just reboot into linux
> > and fire up mplayer
> [snip]
> Ever tried VLC?  Not trying to stop someone switching to linux, I'm a
> BSD guy myself, but VLC is cross platform and works quite well on windows.

actually yeah, i have used VLC on win, and like it alot... much nicer
than WMP for sure. like i said though, the main reason i'm not
watching alot of video in windows is that all my media is on the
server on an NFS share, and i'm waaaay too lazy to set up samba on the
server ;)

BTW, thanks for the good advice - V. Condino

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