[MEncoder-users] Change framerates with mencoder, part two

Guillaume POIRIER poirierg at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 15:21:04 CET 2006


On 2/23/06, Sergio <raster at rastersoft.com> wrote:
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> Hi again, all!
> First, thanks for all the replies. Unfortunately none of them helped. I
> can't use the first answer (use the new film2pal filter) because I want
> to use it in a program that I wrote
> (http://www.rastersoft.com/programas/devede.html), designed to easily
> create video DVDs. I can't force people to use CVS version of Mencoder :(

Just ask them to use -pre8 then! :P

> About the second answer (put -ofps with the desired frames per second,
> and harddup), it doesn't work. It seems that -ofps only sets the
> reproduction speed, but doesn't duplicate or remove any frame, so the
> result is that the video is played faster (or slower), but not the
> audio, so it gets quickly desincronized.
> Has someone another idea of how to do it?

I guess you need to conver the sourd too. I wouldn't be surprised if
Audacity could do that for you.

Reinventing the wheel certainly is annoying, but as long as all other
wheels are square...

Reimar Döffinger

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