[MEncoder-users] Change framerates with mencoder

Sergio raster at rastersoft.com
Wed Feb 22 15:43:38 CET 2006

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Hi all:

I'm working in creating video DVDs with Mencoder, and have a problem:
how to change the framerate of a video file when it's different to the
desired (example: I have a 25fps video and want to burn a NTSC disc).

The most common values for files are 24, 25 and 30 fps, and I need to
convert all of them to 25 or 30. Currently I have the recipe for:

24 to 30:
	mencoder -fps 30000/1001 -ofps 30000/1001 -vf telecine,harddup

30 to 25:
	mencoder -fps 30 -ofps 25 -vf filmdint=io=6:5,harddup

But I need a way to convert from 24 to 25, and from 25 to 30. Is there
a filter that allows to repeat one frame after X? The idea is to repeat
one frame each 24, converting 24 to 25 fps, or repeat one each 5,
converting from 25 to 30.

I've read all the mencoder documentation but hadn't find something that
could be used. Can somebody help me?


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