[MEncoder-users] documentation on x264encopts log=3 output?

Kris.Struyve at alcatel.be Kris.Struyve at alcatel.be
Tue Feb 21 17:06:16 CET 2006


Is there any documentation about the data that the option "x264encopts 
log=3" sends to the command line? 

Consider for instance 
x264 [debug]: frame= 180 QP=26 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:12  I4x4:229  I16x16:1053 
P:822  SKIP:616  size=11690 bytes 
x264 [debug]: scene cut at 181 size=17836 Icost:2445204 Pcost:2362526 
ratio:0.966 bias=0.074 lastIDR:7 (I:2492 P:199 Skip:29) 

What is the meaning of the NAL, Poc, P, SKIP and size columns? 
What is the meaning of the info related to the scene cuts? 

Many thanks in advance & br, 

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