[MEncoder-users] Trying to deinterlace & resize 1080i content - argh

Mark Lehrer mark at knm.org
Fri Feb 3 23:19:12 CET 2006

Hello there.  My system isn't quite powerful enough to play 1080i content
back with deinterlacing (VLC + linear or bob does the best job, but not
quite good enough).

So I am trying to deinterlace & resize the program so I don't have to do
it in real time.  However, I am having a tough time with mencoder.  Could
someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here?  My command line is:

mencoder tennis.mpg -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vhq:vqscale=3:v4mv:autoaspect:trell -vf tfields,scale=480:270 -fps 60000/1001 -ofps 60000/1001 -o test.avi

The problem seems to be with a/v sync.  If I specify -nosound, the video
plays back beautifully.  However, if I use -oac copy, I have two problems.
First, these ugly looking messages:

Pos: 140.5s   4193f ( 2%)  11fps Trem: 231min 2342mb  A-V:-0.034 [3479:384]
1 duplicate frame(s)!
Pos: 143.7s   4289f ( 2%)  11fps Trem: 229min 2331mb  A-V:0.034 [3468:384]]
Skipping frame!
Pos: 143.7s   4291f ( 2%)  11fps Trem: 229min 2331mb  A-V:0.015 [3468:384]
1 duplicate frame(s)!
Pos: 145.2s   4337f ( 2%)  11fps Trem: 229min 2337mb  A-V:-0.035 [3476:384]
1 duplicate frame(s)!
Pos: 145.6s   4347f ( 2%)  11fps Trem: 228min 2337mb  A-V:-0.035 [3479:384]
1 duplicate frame(s)!
Pos: 145.9s   4357f ( 2%)  11fps Trem: 229min 2342mb  A-V:-0.035 [3480:384]
1 duplicate frame(s)!
Pos: 149.1s   4450f ( 2%)  11fps Trem: 227min 2368mb  A-V:0.034 [3530:384]]
Skipping frame!

As you can see, this happens quite often.  The second problem is that
when I play the video back, it is obvious that frames are missing.  I
don't think it is bad enough to detect on content such as a movie -
but it makes sports really annoying to watch.

Any idea what I can try to make this work better?


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