[MEncoder-users] x264 decoded too slow

Aleksandar Uzelac uzi at galeb.etf.bg.ac.yu
Wed Feb 1 03:27:44 CET 2006

  this might be a topic for mplayer group, but i don't think the problem is up to the player (or codec). that is why i'm posting to this group.

  most recently i compressed a dvd into a x264 video, here are options:

"c:\Program Files\mplayer\mencoder" dvd://1 -dvd-device "h:\film" \
-vf pp=fd,hqdn3d=2:1:2 -oac copy -ovc x264 -x264encopts \
subq=6:psnr:pass=[133] -o h:\film.avi

  need not to say, because of me=4 and me_range=24 it took 15 days to finish this compression. at the end, when avi is played with mplayer (or ffdshow, results are the same) it takes most of CPU resources it can (PIV 3.2GHz with HT, single thread can take up to 50% of total CPU power) in scenes with heavy movement (like when camera goes from one side to the other), and because of that (?) audio is not sync with video (sync is lost).

  i still cannot belive that video decompression can take 50+% of 3.2GHz CPU power, usually it's 1-3%.

  is this normal for x264? anyone had similar experience?

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