[MEncoder-users] Inverse telecine? framerate from 120000/1001 to 24000/1001

Rich Felker dalias at aerifal.cx
Wed Aug 30 05:16:40 CEST 2006

On Tue, Aug 29, 2006 at 09:52:28AM +0200, Munzuk wrote:
> > mencoder tells lavc, "this file is 120fps". lavc converts that, along with
> > the requested bitrate, to a desired average bits per frame. Then mencoder
> > only gives lavc 24-30 fps. lavc counts frames, not timestamps, so it
> > thinks it's giving you the requested bitrate when it's actually only
> > 20-25% of the requested rate.
> >
> > --Loren Merritt
> Thank you all,
> all is clear now.

Try increasing a proportionally much higher bitrate and see if that
fixes the problem. Of course the real fix would be for lavc to know
that it's encoding vfr content and know the timestamps, but mencoder
discards timestamps sadly. :( Maybe this can be fixed soon with the
new pts passing code..?


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