[MEncoder-users] Inverse telecine? framerate from 120000/1001 to 24000/1001

Munzuk munzuk at ono.com
Sat Aug 26 19:56:43 CEST 2006

Rich Felker wrote:
> I have no idea what you're talking about here. Don't worry about the
> right words, just explain the phenomenon frame-by-frame.
> Rich

well, let's try that, look at your left, then move your sight from there to 
the rigth slowly (about 5 seconds from shoulder to shoulder), and in the way 
close the eyes for 0.25 seconds every second, record it all, save on your 
memory and then remove with braincoder the black parts where your eyes where 
closed, and thats the problem. :D

Dieter wrote:
> well, in those scenes sometimes I get little jumps

> Little jumps could be due to incorrect interlace field order, and/or
> incorrect conversion between formats.

Well, I'll try the ilme and ildct options as the docs says, not very sure, but 
in the first try I think i got something some better in bad scenes, but also 
got something a bit worse in the good ones. (always talking about pan (thanks 
for the word))
> Or from skipping frames.

I get lots of skipping frames, but with "-noskip -mc 0" get audio/video delay, 
with a much larger video, I mean, as example, 1 min becomes 1 min and 15 

> Probably other sources as well.  I am NOT an expert.
> Sometimes animation just has jumps in it because they moved something
> too far between frames.  "A Charlie Brown Christmas" has a lot of this.

Don't seems to be the case, since with -ss and ivtc can get good quality on 
the bad pan scenes.

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