[MEncoder-users] Inverse telecine? framerate from 120000/1001 to 24000/1001

Munzuk munzuk at ono.com
Sat Aug 26 08:43:30 CEST 2006

> On Fri, Aug 25, 2006 at 06:16:18PM +0200, Munzuk wrote:
> > I found that the ivtc filter just make it worse, someone here told that
> > ivtc wasn't for 120 or even 60 fps, it seems that he was right.
> >
> > But, if ivtc is not what I was looking for, , now what? :(
> Please describe the problem you're trying to solve. So far all I know
> is that you have a '120 fps' video and you're trying to run ivtc on
> it, but no idea what you're trying to accomplish by that.
> Rich
well, the problem is that in those scenes of "camera movement" [don't know 
right words... I mean these scenes in anime where there is a fixed image and 
the camera moves around it], well, in those scenes sometimes I get [another 
word I don't know :(, what I want to say is that in the output I get little 
jumps]. Sorry I might had explain that from the beginning.

I thought by the ivtc definition, that it would be what I was looking for, but 
as you said, ivtc seems is not thought for so much framerate conversion, so I 
tried the commandline I send some days ago with the -fps and -ofp but without 
the ivtc filter, and the output is better, but still not as good as I wish.

In the other hand, by chance found that using ivtc and starting the encoding 
near of one of those scenes (00:01:43 in the sample), the output is pretty 
good, very soft movement, maybe it can be helpful to find out a solution.

I hope my english to be readable :(


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