[MEncoder-users] Vbitrate not honored?

Stefan Neufeind mencoder at stefan-neufeind.de
Fri Aug 25 11:21:50 CEST 2006

RC wrote:
> On Fri, 25 Aug 2006 01:19:12 +0200
> Stefan Neufeind <mencoder at stefan-neufeind.de> wrote:
>> Framerates seems to be fine on the resulting video - even without
>> giving an explicit fps. But the file is *much* smaller now. 
> You ALWAYS need to set an -ofps value with WMV files.  They are variable
> FPS, so mencoder will use 1000FPS if it's not set.  It's likely that's
> the reason for your bitrate problem.


oh yes - that works. Excellent! It's only needed for WMV, or for other
codecs as well? Using ofps was a general rule for automatically
converting might not be a good idea - I guess - becuase that might leasd
 to framerate-changes (and copying/dropping frames). Is that right?

Is there a way to determine the optimal fps to use? With a 4-minute WMV
I was experiencing some A/V sync issues (only fractions of a second
max). If I see it right changing ofps (25 -> 30 -> 15 -> ...) helps a
little. Either I might be wrong :-) or it might be true - not sure.
Windows Media Player reports the file as having 15 fps. Others have
reported on the mailinglist that using 30 worked fine for them. That
depends on the input-material right? Are there currently some tricks to
minimize A/V sync sideeffects?


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