[MEncoder-users] Encoding interlacing telecine and frame rate

Mikey abc.mikey at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 10 18:38:39 CEST 2006


I'm writing a script to try and convert my DVD collection to XVIDs and I
I am having problems deciding on how the encoding relates to the frame
rate and how to know which pre-filter to use.

This is my understanding from the mlpayer manual:

If it is 24000/1001 and stays like that then it is PAL and wont be
interlaced or telecined.

If it is 60000/1001 and stays like that then it is NTSC and may be
interlaced or telecined. 

If the frame rate is switching between 24000/1001 and something else
then it may be mixed progressive and interlaced or telecined.

I don't know where 30000/1001 fits in.

For telecine should I try and filter it with pullup,softskip and drop
the ofps to 24000/1001? 

For interlaced should I try pp=lb and set the ofps to 30000/1001? (Half
the original 60000/1001.) :confused:

What does detc do? I have seen it used but I couldn't find a description
in the manual.

There is some mention in the manual to detecting from the output of
mplayer whether something was interlaced or telecined. Is this possible?



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