[MEncoder-users] Encoding using EDL

Scott W. Larson scowl at pacifier.com
Mon Apr 25 01:00:14 CEST 2005

Maurice Cooper wrote:

>Has anyone tried using mencoder with the -edl option to edit out parts
>of the input stream? I'm finding that after a few edits, there's a
>loss of a/v sync. Is this a known problem?
I've been using a version of the EDL code from a month or two ago and 
found it works very well. The problem I was having with A/V sync was 
that the edits seemed to be screwing up a filter, but actually I wasn't 
using the filter correctly in the first place.

An edit will often break an audio packet and the broken packet will 
probably print an error. Since my edits have been during quiet sections 
I haven't heard it cause any noise or any noticeable effects.

There is a problem when you attempt to edit out a section in which the 
pts's have wrapped around back to zero. The skipping code will get 
confused because the end of the skipped section will have a pts lower 
than the beginning. The one time this happened to me, I had to make a 
new version of the unedited original so its pts would start at zero and 
redo the edits. This won't be a common situation though.

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