[MEncoder-users] HDTV encoding, another question

David Shay davideshay at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 06:58:24 CEST 2005

I *may* have figured out my issue from the last post.  For some
reason, I changed recently from -oac copy to -oac mp3lame.  When I
switched back to -oac copy, I regained a/v sync on playback.

Another question, though.  The source content is an MPEG2 transport
stream at 1280x720 at 59.94 frames per second.  If I exclude "-fps
30000/1001" from the mencoder command line (when using lavc and
vcodec=mpeg2video), I get an error:

MPEG1/2 doesn't support 2997/50 fps

I notice, however, that -mpegopts allows 59.94 as a valid framerate. 
Is there anyway to get that out of libavcodec, though?  With the -fps
line, the motion seems fairly jerky.  Is there some other way to
reduce the jerkiness if I must keep the fps at 30000/1001 ?

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