[MEncoder-users] two pass encoding with pullup

Winterbird winterbird at anime-avatar.net
Fri Apr 8 22:53:20 CEST 2005

D Richard Felker III wrote:

> Your "ugly moving objects": is there combing, or just mpeg artifacts?

It's just bad bit usage, it puts to much bits on the parts that aren't
moving, and thus to little on the parts that are. This makes the moving
objects look very "pixly" and ugly.

>If it looks fine after encoding with vqscale=2, then the problem is
>just that your bitrate is too low or something. Actually a few
>comments on your filter chain:
>Do the cropping (and possibly scaling too?) before sharpening and
>Sharpening before encoding is a very bad idea. It will always reduce
>quality. If you want a sharper picture do it at runtime during
>Again, phase is not a good idea. If only a few combed frames are
>making it through, try pp=l5 after pullup to blend them away and you
>probably won't notice it..
Thx, that helped a little. after moving the sharpening and denoise
filter to after croping and scaling it looks much better. It still
doesn't use the bits as good as it does if I deinterlice the video, but
maybe if I make one or two more passes it will get better. I know
sharpening a video before encoding isn't really optimal, but I really
don't feel like remembering what movies to sharpen at playback and what
movies not to, so it's mostly because I'm lazy. I'll see what difference
it makes not to sharpen later though, to see how much quality improve.
Also I'm not sure all my computers can sharpen during playback, they
might be to slow.
 After removing the phase filter the movie mostly looks fine, but at
times the pullup filter forget a frame. I will probably not see them if
I don't think about it though...

>Finally make sure you're using latest cvs. And you probably don't need
>nearly so many fancy options to lavc. They slow you down a lot and
>hardly improve quality.
I've got that hint many times now, but for various reasons I want to
continue using the latest release instead. The main reason is that there
is no (gentoo) ebuild for the mplayer cvs, thus it makes it troublesome
to install and uninstall. Well, I might install it anyway if the next
version isn't released fairly soon, because I want to be able to play
matroska files with h.264 codec.

Thx for the help, greatly appreciated!

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