[MEncoder-users] inverse telecine with 60 fps progressive video

Scott W. Larson scowl at pacifier.com
Fri Apr 8 22:38:03 CEST 2005

> Perhaps the video actually has this many extra frames, to increase the
> length by 1/7? Without seeing a sample I have no idea..

I think this is unlikely but I'll step through this part of the video
tonight and see if the 2:3 pattern is consistant through it. I definitely
don't see any choppiness in the original.

> What's happening is that
> _mencoder_ is skipping frames to drop down to only 24 frames per
> second. If the phase of mencoder's skipping is lined up with the
> telecine pattern, you'll get the exact right sequence.

And I should be able to prove this is what's happening by running mencoder
with no filters at all with fps set to 59.97 and ofps set to 23.967. The
abundance of duplicate progressive frames is what's probably increasing
the chances of making the frames line up. If that's the case then
adjusting the EDL edit times will be my best option to make this work.

> Filmdint on the other hand will do some skipping on its own to make
> the output 24 fps. However, I don't think it will try to match up
> which frames are duplicates in any sane manner.

The man page says filmdint was "designed to handle any pulldown pattern".
I guess I shouldn't interpret that claim that too literally.

> The only cause is that it's out of phase with mencoder's skipping.
> There's nothing strange/bad about it.

Well, it would be great if there were a filter that could lock onto the
2:3 progressive pattern. I wonder if decimate could just remove all the
duplicate frames leaving 24 fps output.

The man page claims that pullup can handle 30 fps progressive material.
Would I be taking this claim too literally to think I can simply drop
every other 60 fps frame and expect it to inverse telecine the result

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