[FFmpeg-user] bad video settings

frhun frobihun at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 15:13:57 EEST 2023

Hello everyone

I have a problem

youtube say this:

ffmpeg For the keyframe frequency, set a maximum of four seconds. 
Currently sending frames is not frequent enough, which causes buffering. 
The current key frame rate is 9.0 seconds. Processing errors may cause 
incorrect GOP (group of pictures) size.


my ffmpeg command is :

ffmpeg -r 25 -rtsp_transport tcp -i 
rtsp://admin:admin@ -c:v libx264 -b:v 
2M -c:a aac -vf "[in]drawtext=fontfile='C\:\\Windows\\Fonts\\cour.ttf': 
textfile='Z\:\\kolibry2\\verseny\\T_A\\Piros.txt': x=115: y=20: 
reload=1: fontcolor=black: fontsize=30: box=1: boxborderw=5: 
boxcolor=red at 0.8 , drawtext=fontfile='C\:\\Windows\\Fonts\\cour.ttf': 
textfile='Z\:\\kolibry2\\verseny\\T_A\\Feher.txt': x=115: y=55: 
reload=1: fontcolor=black: fontsize=30: box=1: boxborderw=5: 
boxcolor=white at 0.8 , drawtext=fontfile='C\:\\Windows\\Fonts\\cour.ttf': 
textfile='Z\:\\kolibry2\\verseny\\T_A\\Ora.txt': x=20: y=20: reload=1: 
fontcolor=black: fontsize=35: box=1: boxborderw=5: boxcolor=aqua at 0.8 , 
textfile='Z\:\\kolibry2\\verseny\\T_A\\Merkozes.txt': x=20: y=53: 
reload=1: fontcolor=black: fontsize=28: box=1: boxborderw=5: 
boxcolor=yellow at 0.8[out]" -preset ultrafast -f flv 

I found many variations, none of them worked, youtube always complains 
about wrong settings.

The point is to get the picture from the ethernet camera, add some text 
and send it to youtube

If it is not transcoded this way, then direct copy will get youtube 
without errors.

thanks in advance

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