[FFmpeg-user] Decode ac3 from multichannel USB input

Fred Rotbart rotbart at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 14:00:08 EEST 2023


I have a RME Digiface USB as input to my Mac. This has 32 SPDIF input 
channels, of which the first two have an ac3 signal and the others are 
not used.
I have been trying to isolate and decode one of the ac3 channels to its 
six separate PCM channels but without success.

For example, as one of the many attempts, I tried:

ffmpeg -acodec ac3 -f avfoundation -capture_raw_data true -i :1 \
-map_channel 0.0.0, \
-af 'pan=5.1|c0=c0|c1=-|c2=FC|c3=LFE|c4=BL|c5=BR' \

Can someone help me with this?

- Fred

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