[FFmpeg-user] MP4-Video does not play audio on Android 8; audio stream size tagged wrong

Ferdi Scholten ferdi at sttc-nlp.nl
Tue Oct 24 20:31:32 EEST 2023

>> Vorbis audio is officially not supported by the mp4 container 
>> specifications.
>> Matroska does not have this problem as it supports almost all known 
>> codecs.
>> These are the audio codecs that are in the mp4 specifications: AAC, 
>> ALS, SLS, MP3, MP2, MP1, CELP, HVXC, TTSI, SAOL, Apple Lossless, 
>> FLAC, Opus
>> Others can be muxed in, but most players will not support playing those.
> Much thanks for this valuable information.
> Because I want to add several audio streams to a MP4 video, I'm 
> looking for an audio codec, with optimal compression. As AAC in my 
> context needs 128 kb/s, but Vorbis only 90 kb/s, I thought, it was a 
> good choice.
> Which audio codec you would suggest, which has a wide range of 
> compatibility, except AAC?
> Maybe Opus?
> For the video I want to use HEVC.
> Is there a possibility to encode AAC_HE with FFmpeg and would it make 
> sense?

For good compression and good quality you should use Opus, it delivers 
(much) better audio quality than any variant of AAC let alone Vorbis for 
the same bitrate. when you don't specify a bitrate, libopus uses 95 kb/s 
as default for stereo audio.

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