[FFmpeg-user] Why my cut video weighs twice as much?

Bohort bortific+ffmpeg at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 13:16:14 EEST 2023

Hi there,
I use version 4.4.2-0ubuntu0.22.04.1.
I want to cut a part of a video: to do this, I use ffmpeg, with these
$ ffmpeg -i 2023-10-14.m2ts -ss 01:20:00.000 -to 01:30:36.300 -c:v copy
-c:a copy output.mp4
But I have some warnings/errors in the log (please see the attachment).
I wonder how to avoid it, if my options are wrong?
Or maybe it has been fixed in a new version that I haven't yet in my system
(I keep 22.04 because it's LTS, and will upgrade to 24.04 in a few months)?
Thank you for your help.
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