[FFmpeg-user] [freezedetect filter] discard frozen frames option ever added?

Umberto Boccioni vexware at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 03:06:23 EEST 2023

I'm trying to remove frozen frames from a video with gaps in the input
stream, and the freezedetect filter appears to accurately find/list those

I was hoping to use the results of freezedetect to trim those sections of
video, and there was a freezedetect "discard" ("f") option in the dev
builds a few years back which appears to do exactly that (

It doesn't seem to have made its way into any of the builds (including dev
branches) as far as I can find, and it's definitely not in the official

To my untrained eye, the patch looks complete, though possibly abandoned.
is there any chance of it being incorporated into the mainline source?  It
would be quite useful.


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