[FFmpeg-user] Concatenate x10?

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Thu Jun 29 12:56:15 EEST 2023

On 29/06/2023 05:08, Tamas Szanka wrote:
> There are 10.mp4 files (video1-10), each needs the same endscreen,
> "credit.mp4"
> Currently I'm combining video+credit one by one Is there a better way to do
> this with a command line or with a .txt file?

This is the way I do this  -  these are audio *.m4a but it should work 
with *.mp4 just the same:

Contents of file Concat.txt

file 'Temp1.m4a'
file 'Temp2.m4a'
file 'Temp3.m4a'
file 'Temp4.m4a'
file 'Temp5.m4a'
file 'Temp6.m4a'
etc ...

ffmpeg command:

ffmpeg -f concat -i concat.txt -acodec copy Temp.m4a


1)  For your purposes, in the example concat.txt you could just make 
every even numbered file above the same file, say 'Credits.mp4'.

2)  If you don't specify to copy the codec, FFMPEG may by default use a 
lower bitrate codec, so presumably in the command line you'd need to 
copy the video codec as well ...
	-vcodec copy
... but I'm not certain about this.  The above works for me anyway.

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