[FFmpeg-user] Question about encoding DVCPRO50

Hamza El farissi smexxxrecords at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 22:16:36 EEST 2023

I think FFmpeg is capable of doing it, you just need to have the right
command line for it.

When I open the FFmpeg_Master file, go to the libavformat file and open the
dvenc.c file this is what I find at the beginning of the code as a comment.

General DV muxer/demuxer
 * Copyright (c) 2003 Roman Shaposhnik
 * Many thanks to Dan Dennedy <dan at dennedy.org> for providing wealth
 * of DV technical info.
 * Raw DV format
 * Copyright (c) 2002 Fabrice Bellard
 * 50 Mbps (DVCPRO50) support
 * Copyright (c) 2006 Daniel Maas <dmaas at maasdigital.com>
 * This file is part of FFmpeg.

So I assume FFmpeg is capable of encoding a DVCPRO50 file.

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