[FFmpeg-user] Slow speed when sub-clipping .mxf

Cecil Westerhof Cecil at decebal.nl
Wed Jun 21 10:45:24 EEST 2023

Media Mouth <communque at gmail.com> writes:

> Been using FFmpeg to generate sub-clips, it's working perfectly, to the frame
> One issue: The deeper into the source clip the start time is, the longer the seek-time is.
> For long clips it can be a little exasperating.
> Perhaps there's no way around this, but in the hopes there is some
> command/approach that makes for speedier seek times, here's the code
> currently in use.
> ffmpeg -i srcPath.mxf -ss startSecs -t outputDuration -timecode stmptTc -c copy destPath.mxf

    ffmpeg  -ss startSecs -t outputDuration -i srcPath.mxf -timecode stmptTc -c copy destPath.mxf

For timecode you probably nee to use stmptTc - startSecs.

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