[FFmpeg-user] Question about encoding DVCPRO50

Hamza El farissi smexxxrecords at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 00:20:32 EEST 2023

Hello , I'm attempting to encode a video into DVCPRO50 format.
I have found and read the documentation which suggests that FFmpeg should
be capable of this, but I'm having trouble with the specific command needed
to achieve the desired result.
The documentation mentions using the -target option with dv50 and also
using yuv422p pixel format for DV50 across all standards. However, I'd like
to use an MXF container instead of MOV, and I'd also like to force Bottom
Field First (BFF) instead of Top Field First (TFF). Could anyone provide me
with the correct command line options to achieve this? Any help is much

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