[FFmpeg-user] Slideshow with different resolutions

hydra3333 at gmail.com hydra3333 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 17:29:16 EEST 2023

Am 05.06.2023 um 15:06 schrieb Cecil Westerhof via ffmpeg-user:
>> I have pictures in portrait (852x1.136) and landscape (852x639). When
>>> using the zoompan filter to create a slideshow I always did them
>>> separately. Is there a way to let the portrait pictures be resized
>>> with black borders left and right, so I can use all pictures to create
>>> one video?

>>Have a look at the pad filter.

Best of luck with it. I'm looking at similar for our families' home archives. 
A mix of various formats, resolutions, auto-rotations.
There's really smart person by the handle _AI_ who is looking at such stuff
and has posted over on videohelp. 

Sorry don’t know about zoompan filter, there's others around for vapoursynth et al,
 including a (mostly working) one called vs_transitions on github.
I looked into it some months ago and could never get ffmpeg to auto-rotate and
resize and pad reliably all at once; it had very mixed results and I ended up giving up.
Advice in the usual places around the web said "do such and such" and they 
Invariably only partly did the job or didn’t work at all ☹

Be great if an expert here could clarify and settle it with actual working examples.
... if you have working commandlines, could you please share them ?

I did find irfanview has a "batch mode" which took a specified folder (or a tree IIRC)
and auto-rotated, resized, pics only and placed stuff in a destination leaving the original
intact. You could probably do something nice with it.  I have a windows script 
to pre-create all the right settings (there's a lot) if you need something to look at.
Ffmpeg could probably do something nice with the output of that.

In the end I gave up and went to vapoursynth (no, I do not have anything working) ... 
also because I wanted to include phone camera video clips in the slideshow, 
which is non-trivial given the multitude if issues with old formats/codecs,
VFR conversion, framerate conversion, auto-rotate, resizing, etc.


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