[FFmpeg-user] Dim audio in parts where there is a lot of wind

Cecil Westerhof Cecil at decebal.nl
Sat Jun 3 00:22:50 EEST 2023

Michael Koch <astroelectronic at t-online.de> writes:

>> Yes, that seems to do what I want. I have to rewrite it to bash.
>> Or maybe to tcl: then it would work on 'every' computer.
>> I have lately written some script I think are useful. Would you be
>> interested to include them in your book?
> What do you have? I won't add everything, but if it's useful for my own
> work, and if it's working, then I would add it.

Partly maybe things you already have done when looking at your book.
Have to look better: it is quite a volume you made.
But one thing is to create a video based on several videos with
multiple fades based on a configuration file.
But it is a bit huge. More as 300 lines, but that is with error
checking and the like.
Maybe rewriting in tcl could make it compacter and make sure it also
works on Windows and Apple.

It uses a configuration file like:
    4 mkv ts mkv
    © 2023 Cecil Westerhof - Cecil at Decebal.nl
    langeLijn1a a   00:00   02:02   hlslice
    langeLijn1b b   00:00   01:36   vertclose
    langeLijn1c c   00:00   00:51   slideup
    langeLijn1d d   00:00   03:00   wiperight
    langeLijn1e e   00:00   01:56   circleopen
    langeLijn1f f   00:00   02:30   dummy

With that I created:

You can go to the fades with Eerste|Tweede|Derde|Vierde|Vijfde

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