[FFmpeg-user] Dim audio in parts where there is a lot of wind

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Fri Jun 2 16:20:42 EEST 2023

Am 02.06.2023 um 08:39 schrieb Cecil Westerhof via ffmpeg-user:
> German Geraskin <german.geraskin at gmail.com> writes:
>>> I have videos where the audio is mostly reasonable good, but sometimes
>>> the wind creates havoc. Is there a way to dial the volume a good deal
>>> down for those parts only?
>>> It would be even better if that could be down in say half a second
>>> instead of at once.
>> Hi, Cecil
>> You can use the volume audio filter.
>> Example for Linux version of ffmpeg:
>>    -af volume=0.5:enable='between(t\,26.12\,28.64)'
>> It means - set volume to 0.5 between 26.12 and 28.64 seconds.
> Thanks, I will try it out. I can do this several times?
> This is abrupt, there is no possibility to do it smooth?

I have added an example with start and stop ramps in chapter 3.5 of my book:

If someone finds a simpler solution, please let us know.


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