[FFmpeg-user] Repeatable resolution issue exporting mxfs, 1080p is coming out as 1088p

William Jones will at midasvfx.com
Mon Feb 27 17:07:03 EET 2023

Hi All,

I'm having a big problem with ffmpeg at the moment and wanted to pry the
minds of anyone who may know.

Trying to export a image sequence as a .mxf file at 1920x1080, DnxHD 115.

Unfortunately every time I try, the resulting file comes out as 1920x1088
which breaks our pipeline. Ive tried using scale and have tried the source
file being different formats (image sequences or .movs etc) and nothing has
helped so far, which is why the below  code doesnt have any scale modifiers
in it.

the code i have been using is below:

ffmpeg - start_number 1000 -i *-inputfile%4d.tiff* -c:v dnxhd -r 24
-b:v115M -pix_fmt yuv422p *outputfile.mxf*

Any help at all would be much appreciated!


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