[FFmpeg-user] Capture HDV and S-Video from tape via HDMI-USB to 422 FFV1

Terje J. Hanssen terjejhanssen at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 00:31:23 EET 2023

Hi Stefan

Den 17.02.2023 22:53, skrev Stefan Oltmanns:
> Hi Terje,
>> Currently my HDV camcorder is on service, so I ask: Is it possible to
>> transfer/grab HDV files via Firewire to ffmpeg? (I have already
>> libiec61883, libraw1394, libavc1394 installed on my Leap). If so, a
>> command example or guide to start with would be welcome.
> I still occasionally transfer videos from miniDV/Digital8/Video8 tapes
> to PC. I use the "dvgrab" tool for that. It's a simple command-line tool
> and will save the video without any re-encoding. In the second step you
> can transcode the files with ffmpeg to any format you like (also you
> might want to consider some advanced deinterlacing/denoising in between
> depending on your source material and it's intended purpose).
> I never tried HDV, but it does support HDV as well. It's in the standard
> Ubuntu repository, no need to compile it yourself, not sure about other
> distributions.
> The tricky part is the FireWire interface: Not all FireWire chipsets
> support cameras flawlessly, my first tries with an onboard-FireWire
> interface resulted in a lot of corrupted and dropped frames.
> I got myself an ExpressCard with a VIA VT6315 chipset I'm using in my
> old notebook, works perfect.
> I tried a PCI-e card with the same chip in my PC, no luck, entire system
> crashes every 10 minutes. I assume old PCI-e devices are not completely
> compatible with new PCs.
> Best regards
> Stefan

I tested dvgrab  once - it must have been about 15 years ago when my FX7 
HDV camcorder was new.
Later on I thougt it was gone (like Kino).

Yes, dvgrab is still available and packaged for openSUSE Leap 15.4, and 
I just installed it.

When Dave mentioned firewire and ffmpeg, and I googled this document 
"FireWire DV/HDV input device using libiec61883"

I got the impression that this had replaced the need for dvgrab(?)


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