[FFmpeg-user] Please help with weird video problems

Alexander Gribanov sunrisecoder at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 21:00:35 EET 2023


Here is a downloaded Facebook Livestream video which I'm trying to process:

I can play it correctly in MPC-HC Media Player Classic, but when I try to
add this video to Adobe Premiere 2022, there around 3:00:00 position audio
is about 40 seconds ahead of video...

I tried to remux and re-encode this video using ffmpeg, it showed a lot of
warnings like this:
[aac @ 000001c1bfe68e40] env_facs_q 254 is invalid

I tried different options like "-vsync cfr", "-fps_mode drop" and some
other stuff which I don't remember already, but nothing helped :( In MPC-HC
it was ok, but in Adobe Premiere still 40-seconds a/v unsync.

I assume that the problem is with timestamps on the audio track.

I would like to make using ffmpeg just a simple cfr video 29.97 fps / audio
48kHz without any timestamp gaps and offsets.

Could anybody please help me to understand how to analyze and diagnose such
problems in such videos to be sure what the exact problem is?

Could You please help me find the solution (i.e. options or subcommands to

Thank You very much in advance :)

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