[FFmpeg-user] Noticeable transitions between audio chunks

Alexander Bieliaev alexanderb at callcabinet.com
Tue Feb 7 12:05:11 EET 2023

I am processing audio chunks programmatically by using the ffmpeg library
for C#. First I divide the input audio of .wav format into chunks of 1
minute each (I can't process the whole audio for specific reasons), then
prepend it's header to each chunk so it can be recognized and processed,
then I get raw PCM of each chunk and replace some parts of PCM with sine
wave data (adding beeps) and then I transform that PCM chunks to mp3 chunks
and write those to stream. The final process of concating audio parts is *NOT
*performed by ffmpeg, I just write data chunks to the destination stream. I
am facing the problem that there are noticeable transitions between 1
minute chunks in result audio(clicks/silence/change of volume/shifting).
How can I smooth out the start/end of each chunk so when I'm putting them
together there are no noticeable transitions?
Here are the commands that being generated by library:

To get PCM:  -i "\\.\pipe\..." -ar 8000 -f s16le "\\.\pipe\..." -y

To transform PCM to mp3: -f s16le -ar 8000 -ac 1 -i "\\.\pipe\..." -b:a
128k -f mp3 "\\.\pipe\..." -y

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