[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg list FAQ- for those who can't click a link

Dan Harkless ffmpeg at harkless.org
Sun Feb 5 09:57:11 EET 2023

Holy crap, I haven't seen a flamewar like this on a technical forum 
since Usenet in the '90s.  Really gross, folks.

My humble suggestion would be to put the mailing list rules higher up in 
the FAQ.  I realize it's organized in a logical way, but if first-time 
posters are constantly posting without following them, resulting in 
annoyance and discord, they should probably be more prominent.

Perhaps even as the very first section, with a "DO NOT SUBSCRIBE BEFORE 
READING THESE RULES"-type warning.  And then perhaps at the end of the 
subscription instructions, a reminder of that with a link back up to them.

Dan Harkless

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