[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg list FAQ- for those who can't click a link

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Sat Feb 4 22:02:24 EET 2023

These are not very different from the rules/guidelines of most of the 
technical mailing lists I'm on or have managed. If you can't be bothered to 
read the FAQ for a list you affirmatively joined, maybe you shouldn't have 
joined it in the first place.

These are also generally good rules to live by, especially the first in 
section 4.



4 Code of conduct

Be friendly and respectful towards others and third parties. Treat others 
the way you yourself want to be treated.

Be considerate. Not everyone shares the same viewpoint and priorities as you 
do. Different opinions and interpretations help the project. Looking at 
issues from a different perspective assists development.

Do not assume malice for things that can be attributed to incompetence. Even 
if it is malice, it�s rarely good to start with that as initial assumption.

Stay friendly even if someone acts contrarily. Everyone has a bad day once 
in a while. If you yourself have a bad day or are angry then try to take a 
break and reply once you are calm and without anger if you have to.

Try to help other team members and cooperate if you can.

The goal of software development is to create technical excellence, not for 
any individual to be better and "win" against the others. Large software 
projects are only possible and successful through teamwork.

If someone struggles do not put them down. Give them a helping hand instead 
and point them in the right direction.

Finally, keep in mind the immortal words of Bill and Ted, "Be excellent to 
each other."

6.1 What are the rules and the proper etiquette?

There may seem to be many things to remember, but we want to help and 
following these guidelines will allow you to get answers more quickly and 
help avoid getting ignored.

     Always show your actual, unscripted ffmpeg command and the complete, 
uncut console output from your command.
     Use the most simple and minimal command that still shows the issue you 
are encountering.
     Provide all necessary information so others can attempt to duplicate 
your issue. This includes the actual command, complete uncut console output, 
and any inputs that are required to duplicate the issue.
     Use the latest ffmpeg build you can get. See the FFmpeg Download page 
for links to recent builds for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Or compile from 
the current git master branch.
     Avoid top-posting. Also see What is top-posting?
     Avoid hijacking threads. Thread hijacking is replying to a message and 
changing the subject line to something unrelated to the original thread. 
Most email clients will still show the renamed message under the original 
thread. This can be confusing and these types of messages are often ignored.
     Do not send screenshots. Copy and paste console text instead of making 
screenshots of the text.
     Avoid sending email disclaimers and legalese if possible as this is a 
public list.
     Avoid using the -loglevel debug, -loglevel quiet, and -hide_banner 
options unless requested to do so.
     If you attach files avoid compressing small files. Uncompressed is 
     Please do not send HTML-only messages. The mailing list will ignore the 
HTML component of your message. Most mail clients will automatically include 
a text component: this is what the mailing list will use.
     Configuring your mail client to break lines after 70 or so characters 
is recommended.
     Avoid sending the same message to multiple mailing lists.
     Please follow our Code of Conduct.


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