[FFmpeg-user] Frame rate discrepancy

Dave Blanchard dave at killthe.net
Sat Feb 4 18:48:16 EET 2023

In case anyone else runs into a similar problem, this appears to be due to my shitty video capture card. It's a Bluecherry brand card, which were discontinued years ago and I can see why; it's subpar in various ways, including this frame rate problem. 

I tried using the videorate plugin on my gstreamer feed to set the framerate to 30000/1001, and this actually seems to have "worked" in that the files are now showing 29.97 frame rate, but the same problem persists with an unexplained 21 second gap between recordings. 

I also tried using the -r option to ffmpeg in various ways (on both input/output streams) to correct the already recorded files, but this seemingly did nothing at all. 

At this point I'm just going to forget about this problem, and plan on getting a better capture card. In about 10 days these videos will be used to send a certain thieving asshole to prison, and they will be plenty good enough to do that as is.

Thanks to Martin for telling me about the segmented output option, which will be a nice upgrade to my capture scripts when I get around to implementing it.


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