[FFmpeg-user] New user question - please

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Sat Feb 4 18:36:02 EET 2023

 A word of sanity.
If you're someone new to the ffmpeg-user list who's reading this thread and frowning with concern at Reindl's behaviour, believe me, you're not alone. I've never met him nor anyone who has met him, but I have occasionally met groups of people who are familiar with his behaviour on this mailing list, and laughed about our shared view of the situation.

Based on his behaviour on this list, Reindl is one of the top few most outspokenly, deliberately impolite, unhelpful, unpleasant and unprofessional people I've ever come across in my entire life, and that's saying something. Even in the world of open source software, where we do find a few interesting personalities, he's the standout. He's world famous for being viciously unpleasant for no reason. Reindl Harald is a joke and a punchline, the very epitome of an internet troll. He's been dominating this list with his utter poison for at least fifteen years, to my certain knowledge.
It's not you. It's him.
We've tried to figure out why he does it. Maybe it's a language barrier. Maybe it's some sort of psychological abnormality (in which case no disrespect, but good grief, man, get help). In the end it's up to him and whoever has authority on the mailing list, and the only surprise is that it's been allowed to go on for so long.
- Phil

    On Saturday, 4 February 2023 at 11:28:07 GMT, Vincent Deconinck <vdeconinck at gmail.com> wrote:  
 Could we please stop polluting this mailing list ?
If you want to continue discussing this, please do it off the list using
private mails.
Thank you.
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