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Sat Feb 4 11:21:55 EET 2023

>amindfv--- via ffmpeg-user <ffmpeg-user at ffmpeg.org> wrote:
>> Ironically the single reason this thread has devolved into personal attacks and irrelevance to the original question is your own
>"The single reason"? So I'm control of the keyboard of all participants in this thread?
>There was in fact no response necessary to this thread at all, other than Carl's original email, which actually gave an answer to
the person's question. All other comments could be deleted with no loss to the thread. Patrick's comment had no relevance at all to
the actual >question.
>> Someone who took the time to read the new user's question asked a polite "Please include your command" request, that is all.
Maybe they wanted to test the command on their own system for comparison; maybe they had one of the reasons Carl mentioned. 
>Except none of that was actually the case. These are all excuses you're inventing to play devil's advocate, which has nothing to do
with actual thread.
>The reply in question was just your typical, ordinary, everyday "OMG SOMEONE BROKE A RULE, MUST REMIND OF RULES" response--as
Carl's followup proved. 
>I ask again: how does giving the command line used help in any way solving the user's problem, in this particular circumstance?
>Interestingly, Carl didn't even bother asking for the command line in his own response. Seems he didn't need that information to
actually answer the question.
>> Even if your messages were intended to increase friendliness to new users, they had the opposite effect due to how
confrontational they were. I know if I were a new user asking a question here I'd be a lot more scared off by your argumentative
messages than a simple "Please include your command" sentence.
>So you wouldn't be at all bothered at being called an idiot by a certain loser, because your subject line wasn't so great, but
would instead be bothered by the guy actually sticking up for your noob self?
>> My 2¢,
>> Tom
>Thanks for your input, Tom. Anyone else got a foolish comment to add, before we move on?

DB behaves like a troll, ignoring good advice from experts and standard methods for diagnosing and dealing with technical issues.
Looks like a duck, acts like a duck ... it is a duck.

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