[FFmpeg-user] New user question

amindfv at mailbox.org amindfv at mailbox.org
Sat Feb 4 00:41:46 EET 2023

> It seems the focus of many members of this group isn't on actually *helping people*, but on policing nonsense "rules violations" or finding some way they can call the user an idiot.

Ironically the single reason this thread has devolved into personal attacks and irrelevance to the original question is your own contributions. Someone who took the time to read the new user's question asked a polite "Please include your command" request, that is all. Maybe they wanted to test the command on their own system for comparison; maybe they had one of the reasons Carl mentioned. Even if your messages were intended to increase friendliness to new users, they had the opposite effect due to how confrontational they were. I know if I were a new user asking a question here I'd be a lot more scared off by your argumentative messages than a simple "Please include your command" sentence.

My 2¢,

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