[FFmpeg-user] FW: New user question

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Thu Feb 2 19:43:47 EET 2023

On 1/31/2023 12:02 PM, Scott Perrilloux wrote:
> I loaded the latest version, but when we try to transcode a file, it
> returns " Unknown encoder 'hap' ". How do I load the hap encoder to the
> system?
quoting https://gist.github.com/dlublin/e4585b872dd136ae88b2aa51a6a89aac

   You can check that your version of FFmpeg can encode Hap using
     ffmpeg -encoders | grep hap
   If the last line of output ends with Vidvox Hap encoder then you can 
encode Hap.

If the build of ffmpeg you have doesn't contain the desired encoder you'll 
have to find one that does or build it yourself.


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