[FFmpeg-user] build error at libavformat/udp.o

Hyoung Kim hyoungtaik at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 28 19:38:15 EEST 2020


   I am a newbie about FFmpeg.
   I just need it for using Alexa AVS 1.18.0.

  While I try to build the FFmpeg for Android, I got a build error like

          src/libavformat/udp.c:290:28: error: member reference base type '__be32' (aka 'unsigned int') is not a structure or union
             mreqs.imr_multiaddr.s_add = ((structure sockaddr_in *)addr)...........

  The above problem has happened for FFmpeg 4.3.1 and 4.2.1 and 4.1.6.

   Does anybody have any idea about this? Any help will be appreciated.


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