[FFmpeg-user] Giving a title to an audio stream

PPRJ01 pprj01 at orange.fr
Sat Aug 8 14:21:48 EEST 2020

Hello All,

I don't understand how ffmpeg/ffprobe manage some metadata of audio streams.

Let's take a simple example :

ffmpeg -i INPUT.mp4 -c copy -metadata:s:a:0 "title=5.1" OUTPUT.mp4

The result is :
1- ffprobe is not able to retrieve the audio title of the resulting file, whatever are the options used (I don't know if there are undocumented options)
2- VLC does retrieve the audio title correctly
3- exiftool does retrieve the audio title too

I tried to do something similar with a subtitle stream and I had the same result.

I am not a developper. Therefore I cannot read the source code. Maybe ffmpeg stores this metadata in a place where ffprobe is not able to retrieve it.

Does somebody know if this is a normal behavior ?



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