[FFmpeg-user] Muxing multiple files and concatenating those outputs

Edward Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 05:40:14 EEST 2020


> I ended up just keeping it as a script and getting the developers to
> incorporate it into our code.  Thanks though!  Since it is a script, a
> single bash call is not too intrusive.  If we had some C programmers, I
> would have them use the ffmpeg libraries directly, but they are all just
> java heads..

So is the problem basically solved now? If I had known this zombie apocalypse-like status quo was going to maintain for this long I would have recommended seeing if your VAR or sales rep if you have an account with the vendor for your call management system to see if you can get a license for doing this automatically (call recording's probably a feature? Just not activated I'm thiinking?)

Ted Park

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