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Carl Eugen Hoyos-2 wrote
> Am Sa., 18. Apr. 2020 um 00:53 Uhr schrieb Mark Filipak
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> >:
>> I'm not using the 46 telecine anymore because you introduced me to
>> 'pp=linblenddeint'
>> -- thanks again! -- which allowed me to decomb via the 55 telecine.
> Why do you think that pp is a better de-interlacer than yadif?
> (On hardware younger that's not more than ten years old.)

It's not a question of "better" in his case. 

It's a very specific scenario - He needs to keep that combed frame, as a
single frame to retain the pattern. Single rate deinterlacing by any method
will cause you to choose either the top field or bottom field, resulting in
a duplicate frame or the prior or next frame - and it's counterproductive
for what he wanted (blend deinterlacing to keep both fields as a single

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