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Sat Apr 18 20:20:42 EEST 2020

Paul B Mahol wrote
> On 4/18/20, pdr0 <

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> > wrote:
>> Mark Filipak wrote
>>> Gee, pdr0, I'm sorry you took the time to write about 'interleave' not
>>> working because it is working
>>> for me.
>> Interleave works correctly in terms of timestamps
>> Unless I'm misunderstanding the point of this thread, your "recursion
>> issue"
>> can be explained from how  interleave works
> He is just genuine troller, and do not know better, I propose you just
> ignore his troll attempts.

I do not believe so. He is truly interested in how ffmpeg works. 

Your prior comment about interleave and timestamps was succinct and perfect
- but I can see why it would be "cryptic" for many users. If someone is
claims that comment is "irrelevant", then they are not "seeing" what you
see. It deserves to be expanded upon; if not for him, then do it for other
people who search for information. 

There are different types of people, different learning styles, and
different ways of seeing things.  Teach other people what you know to be
true.  Explain in different words if they don't get it. A bit of tolerance
now, especially in today's crappy world goes a long way. 

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