[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg architecture question

Mark Filipak markfilipak.windows+ffmpeg at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 20:31:29 EEST 2020

Another cogent point:

Suppose I put 'datascope' before a filter that would pass the original frame (say, based on a 
color), but that the filter won't pass the 'scope' image (because it doesn't contain that color). I 
haven't tried it, but I'll bet that the 'scope' image doesn't appear at all and that the frame is 

(Note that if I moved the 'datascope' to after the filter, it would work as expected.)

Supposing that I'm correct, and considering the prior experiments that I did conduct, the 
non-recursive nature of ffmpeg filter complexes is an important architectural feature that's not 

Understand that I'm not criticizing ffmpeg. ffmpeg works how it works and that's fine. It just 
doesn't work like an oscilloscope. It could have been designed to work like an oscilloscope, but it 
wasn't. That's okay, but it really should be documented.

Do you agree, Paul, or am I mistaken?

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